About Us

From Leak to Leaps: Fillow's
Journey to Redefining Period Care

After months of quarantine during the pandemic, we were finally able to plan a fun reunion. Well, the reunion day came, and our plans got cut short because one of us had a period leak. That period leak got us talking about flows, leaks, and issues of failed period products.

We discovered that most menstrual care products are all based on nearly century-old designs, with close to no iterations made on the product itself—including pads, tampons, and even menstrual cups, which can all be traced back to at least the 1930s.

And that was our eureka moment—we thought there had to be a better way. We decided we needed to create a truly innovative period product—something that was convenient, easy to use, and long-lasting.

We entered our idea into the Chicago Booth School Of Business College New Venture Challenge and swept the competition away! We became the first all-female team to win first place in the program and even received the largest investment ever awarded.

And the rest is history as we knew Fillow solved a problem no other period products did!

Fillow Has Been Making Waves
Since Its Inception

  • Booth NVC

    First all-female team to earn first place in a Chicago Booth New Venture Challenge

  • Polsky Launch

    2021 Polsky Launch Accelerator Cohort Member

  • Chicago Inno
    Named Chicago Inno's 2021 ‘25 under 25’

  • Venture Backed
    Received pre-seed round funding from angels and VCs

  • Masschallenge
    2021 MassChallenge Finalist

  • Project We Love
    Fully Funded within 2 Hours on Kickstarter

The Fundamentals That Make Fillow, Fillow

  • Making sure every gender identity is included in every period conversation

  • Creating a space where self-discovery, both physically and mentally, is always encouraged

  • Supporting conversations on reproductive health and sex-ed topics

  • Offering products that benefit the environment without sacrificing personal comfort and hygiene


Meet the Women Behind Fillow

  • Mary WooShe / Her

    Chief Product Officer

  • Phoebe ChoiShe / Her

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Camryn RossShe / Her

    Chief Executive Officer

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