The First No-Fuss,
No-Risk Period Disc
+ Applicator

Get the first-ever period disc that comes
with an easy-to-use applicator

  • Experience easy insertion and removal

    The simple applicator and pull-string make using Fillow easy breezy. No profanity involved.

  • Say bye-bye to toxic chemicals down there

    Fillow doesn't contain any harmful ingredients. No phthalates, latex, or BPA in your nether regions.

  • Reduce period waste

    Fillow is 100% reusable and, with proper maintenance, can last for years.

  • Avoid unnecessary leakages

    You can do it all: mess-free sex and workouts, uninterrupted Netflix marathons in bed, etc.

  • Fillow is perfect for all flows

    Fillow Disc catches up to 60ml of menstrual flow, providing all-day protection.

  • Fillow is disc-tinctively comfortable

    Fillow gives you the ease of tampons combined with the reusability of menstrual discs.

One Fillow replaces
240 tampons a year.

Fillow Disc is made for all flows: heavy, medium, and light. Fillow Disc holds one of the largest capacities in the market — up to 75 mL. Fill up more without worrying about spillage and stains.

How Fillow Works

We understand using a disc can feel intimidating— especially to first-timers.
So here’s a rundown of everything you need to know to get familiar with Fillow.
  • Squeeze the rim of your Fillow Disc to load it into the applicator.

  • Just as you would a tampon, insert the applicator into your vagina and release the disc.

  • When it’s time to change, give the pull-string a tug.

  • And now all that’s left is to simply rinse and repeat!


Make your time of the month more comfortable with no-fuss, no-risk period care

Fillow gives you the ease of tampons combined with the reusability of menstrual cups.

The Fillow Story

Get to know the women behind Fillow and the period leak that started it all.

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