• Disc + Applicator
  • Disc + Applicator
  • Disc + Applicator
  • Disc + Applicator

Disc + Applicator

Fillow gives you the ease of tampons combined with the reusability of menstrual cups.
  • FDA-certified facility
  • Quality Commitment
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  • Easy insertion & removal

  • Free from forever chemicals

  • 100% reusable

  • Can hold up to 60 ml of flow

  • Experience the best of both worlds

    Fillow is perfect for you if you like the convenience of tampons as well as the sustainability and
    long-lasting wear of cups.

  • Easy to put in, easy to take out

    The applicator makes it easy to insert your disc, and the pull-string ensures taking it out is a breeze. Zero struggle.

  • Made from FDA-approved materials

    Fillow Disc + Applicator are made from 100% medical-grade materials, so you stay safe down there. No phthalates, latex, or BPA.

  • Holds up to 60ml of flow

    Use Fillow on heavy, medium, and
    low flow days without worrying about leaking and leaving behind stains.

  • Easy to clean

    Just boil the disc and rinse the applicator at the start of each cycle. Rinse both with soap and water before each changeout, that’s all!

  • Try auto-dumping to minimize change-outs

    To auto-dump, sit on the toilet and use your core muscles to “bear down” — when you do this, the disc gets angled forward and can be emptied without having to take it out.

  • Lasts years with proper care

    Fillow Disc + Applicator are made from 100% reusable materials, so they don’t wear out quickly. The disc and applicator last at least a year, and if you take care of it properly, it will last you years.

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In the Press

  • “The Fillow Disc and Applicator have advertised for a few months with teasers on social media and I must say, I was sucked in.”

    -Period Nirvana

Shipping, Returns & Warranty

  • Shipping: Initial shipping will be limited to the US only. International shipping will come at a later date.

  • Timeline: Our first production run is underway, with Kickstarter deliveries expected in 2024.

  • Returns and Warranty: If you're not completely satisfied, please contact us via our web form and we'll take care of you. Due to the nature of the product, returns and exchanges are not possible.